8 Different Types of Business Events

Many do not realise there are so many different types of business events. This is because they all have similarities as they all bring people together in a face-to-face situation to exchange ideas and information. Well if I told you that there are eight main types of events this sector covers; would you be able to identify the main differences that makes each one unique? If not, then this blog will give you a better understanding of the different types of events that businesses can hold.

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1.     Conferences – A conference is an event which people confer, exchange views, convey messages, open debates or even shed light on areas of opinion on a specific issue.

2.     Tradeshow – A tradeshow is commonly seen as an event people go to show, display or exhibit products or services for public or private view.

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3.     Meetings – Meetings are gatherings that bring people together to allow them to learn from one another, understand what is meant to be achieved and observe what superiors are planning.

4.     Convention – A convention is an event that usually combines a few different types of events, i.e. a Comic Convention is a tradeshow and a congress.

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5.     Corporate event – Many believe in general there are two bodies that host corporate events, these are; corporations and associations.

a.     Corporation events – These are mainly internal and is somewhere where superiors discuss company initiatives, policies and reports. The most common examples of corporate events are sales conferences, training seminars and manager meetings.

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b.     Association events – Association events consist of people in similar trades. These types of events are held to provide attendees with additional information on the happenings within their industry and networking opportunities.

6.     Product launch – A product launch is a tool used as a way to build anticipation for a products release. These types of events are usually aimed towards retailers or dealers.

7.     Incentive travel – The main goal of incentive travel is to encourage employees to meet challenging business objectives to help increase sales.

8.     Congress – A congress in a gathering of large groups of people, usually to converse over a particular subject. A congress can take several days to complete and can play host of multiple sessions.