The Do's and Don'ts of Hosting Corporate Hospitality

Corporate Hospitality can be hugely beneficial to your marketing strategy in many ways.

It is a great way to boost your relationships with new and existing clients if successfully organised, as well as a great way to reward staff and incentivise your team.

Here are a few key DO'S and DON’TS when hosting corporate hospitality events:

DO remember the objective of the event
Are you trying to win new business or show to an existing client what your company can offer? Knowing the objective of hosting the event in advance and making sure that this is communicated to all involved will ensure that it doesn’t simply turn out to be an expensive day out for all parties involved.

DO remember that you are representing your work/brand. 
Corporate hospitality is meant to be fun for your guests.  However, you must remember you are representing your brand as are they. There should be an air of professionalism at the event when talking to your guests and making sure they are enjoying their day. 

DON’T get too stressed
If you are the host remember you are there to look after your guests, not to run around like a headless chicken! Introduce your guests to each other, make them feel welcome and included in the day, as well as the normal event management elements, such as; keeping to time and checking your guests have enough food and drink.


DON’T forget to smile
If you appear to be enjoying yourself, others will too. A chilled and positive atmosphere can help you get to know people better and to help build up trust between businesses.


Take advantage of the huge range of events that have corporate hospitality opportunities on offer in Cardiff and think about how corporate hospitality can help you engage and retain your customers and staff.  Grapevine Events can help put your plan into action contact us here.