5 Things To Think About When Planning A Fundraising Event

Fundraising events can be a great way to raise money for charities. Not only will you have an amazing event, but you will be raising funds and awareness for a well deserved cause at the same time. 

Having an events company organising your fundraising event means that you will have an experienced team looking after what is a very important event for you and it will take the stress off you or your company.

Here are 5 things that your event planner will need to know in advance to organise a great event for you:-

how much money do you want to raise?

How much money do you want to raise?
Having an end goal in mind will help when it comes to setting the budget. If you want to hold a Dinner or a ball, knowing how much you want to raise will help us decide the best venue, catering and entertainment, which in turn defines the ticket price.

What type of event do you want to hold?
The charity/cause will no doubt be close to your heart, so let us know so we can make sure that the right tone is set at the event. Nowadays, there are so many different types of events which, if organised correctly,  can be super successful at raising a lot of money for your chosen charity. From sporting events such as family fun-runs, to themed dinner dances, the list is endless and just takes a bit of imagination and enthusiasm. 

How do you want to raise the money?
Depending on the tone of the event and the amount of money you want to raise there are a lot of options for raising money. If you are hosting a fundraising dinner a silent auction can raise serious amounts of money for your charity if you have high worth items in the auction and the right audience. One tip is to pre-warn your guests that this is taking place on the night so they come armed with the credit card for that exclusive purchase! 

Who is invited to the event?
Think about who you want to invite to the event. If the event is open to the public then we can help you  devise the marketing strategy to make sure you sell maximum tickets to the event. If your event is invitation only, make sure you invite enough people to cover any cancellations and still get maximum revenue form the ticket sales.

Will the event be sponsored?
Local businesses are often looking for ways to give-back to their community and sponsoring a fundraising event is a great way to do this and receive publicity for doing this. We can work with you to identify relevant sponsors and put packages together for different levels of sponsorship. We help to build relationships with sponsors and identify their goals by showing how your charity is a good fit for them.

Fundraising events can be very emotional but at the same time, are a great way of celebrating and raising money and awareness for a well deserved cause.

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