Environment - 3 ways the environment can impact the events industry

We have now come to the end of our PESTLE blog series. Across the past 12 weeks we have covered the Political, Economic, Social, Technological and Legal factors that can be seen to be having an impact on the events industry, whether they be a positive or a negative one. In out last instalment we will cover some environmental impacts.

1) Tourism


Tourism is becoming a big threat to landmark destinations across the world. Recently, countries have had to put restrictions on how many tourists can visit certain destinations or even ban tourists all together. This is due to the sheer destruction they have caused to specific sites across the years. If restrictions/bans are put in place for popular destinations that regularly play host to certain events, it can impact the future success of them, so it is important to consider, that if you are hosting an event in such areas, to carefully evaluate how you might be impacting that destination.

2) Climate Change


Weather and climate play an important role in the success of many outdoor events, including the quality of visitor experiences. Bad weather could discourage people from attending such events, which will impact profits made. However, it is not just how events are impacted by such changes, but also how events are a contributor to these changes in climate. Overall, if climate change continues to rise it could have a huge knock on effect on the success of outdoor events, but it is also important to consider how such large events will contribute to this change in climate.

3) Plastic

Plastic has become a global issue and has caused a large amount of damage to the environment. We are already seeing events cut back on the amount of plastic brought in to and sold at events. This can make events become more appealing to potential attendees as it is seen that they are supporting the no plastic movement. However, plastic is one of the cheapest materials to obtain therefore, a ban on plastic could see event prices rise as they source alternatives. Nevertheless, event organisers are finding new creative ways to make their events environmentally friendly. In fact, here at Grapevine, we managed an event hosted by Willmott Dixon, that banned plastic on site and used recycled materials for their backdrop and even their stage seating. Check out the stage set-up below.


We hope you enjoyed the series and if you would like to tell us what you thought, then please get in touch here.

Written by: Paige Cradduck - Events Assistant for Grapevine Event Management.