4 Reasons Why DIY Events Fail (And How We Can Help)

In our latest blog, we discuss the 4 common reason why DIY events can fail. Find out below how Grapevine suggests you can eliminate these issues and help to achieve event success.

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1. Lack of relevant contacts

An idea for an event is one thing, however choosing the right suppliers and attracting the right audience can be a minefield if you do not have the right contacts. Here at Grapevine Event Management, we pride ourselves on being an organisation with a plethora of trusted and reliable contacts that could be vital to the success of your event.


2. Poor advertisement

Poor advisement can lead to poor attendance. With all the technology available, using social media is a must. Grapevine offer services that help you to correctly market your event across a wide range of social media platforms that will build your event an online presence. Building an online following can ultimately lead to the growth of your event year on year.


3. Lack of originality

Making your event stand out from the crowd is really important. The world of events is ever changing and here at Grapevine we understand the importance of taking a different approach to help bring that spark back. Take a look at the Wales Start-Up Awards, an awards ceremony co-founded by Grapevine sharing an alternative to a black-tie awards ceremony without losing the prestige, as an example of an event we took that exact approach to.


4. People have busy lives

Organising an event alongside your day job can be a big factor as to why an event can fail. Finding the time to do both can lead to important details slipping through the cracks. To ensure your event is a success first time round, seek the help you need early (after all, this is our day job).

To make sure you don’t make these mistakes, help is at hand. Contact us today to discuss your event idea and we’ll be more than happy to discuss how we can help.