New hire for Grapevine as we celebrate best year yet!

This is traditionally the time of year when businesses take a look back at how well the last 12 months went and plot their course for the year that lies ahead. We’re no different. Except the difference this time around is that we’re actually going to blow our own trumpet for once (and why not!).

If 2015 was a ‘we’re definitely moving in the right direction’ sort of year, then 2016 was when that steady rate of growth gathered speed and led to what became our most successful year to date.

This was the year that saw the Grapevine team manage more events than at any time in the previous five years. It also saw us launch some of our own too.

Indeed, the Cardiff Business Awards, which were launched in 2015, had an even better 2016 with a record number of entries submitted and an attendance exceeding 450 on the awards night itself.

And we launched the inaugural Wales Start-Up Awards – the first of their kind for Wales that achieved a success that surpassed our most optimistic of expectations. Over 200 entries were made and we welcomed more than 350 guests for the award ceremony, which took place a The Depot in Cardiff – itself a relatively new business.

But to cap it all was the appointment of our new Events Assistant Zoe.

Zoe Jagoe-Williams graduated from the Cardiff Metropolitan University in the summer with First Class Honours degree in Event Management (hey, we only hire the best people!).

She joins the Grapevine team on a full time, permanent basis having worked with Grapevine on various events over the last 12 months, including the Welsh Leaders’ Debate, Cardiff Business Club, Cardiff Business Awards, FastGrowth 50 Awards, and the Wales Start Up Awards.

Which is all super, but if you’re anything like us, we wanted to know one thing: Where on earth does that surname come from? Here’s the answer to this as well as a few random facts about Zoe:

·       Zoe is half-Welsh (‘Jagoe’ is a Welsh variation of the name ‘James’) and half-Irish, so when the two sides meet in the Six Nations her loyalties are tested to their limits (we’ll just remind her that it’s a Welsh business paying her wages the next time she’s torn over who to support)

·       She is also a huge lover of Asian cuisine, which is just as well as Cardiff has some of the finest Asian restaurants in the UK

·       Strangely, perhaps, she favours lemonade in her gin rather than tonic…each to their own

·       And, if she could pick any destination in the world to go she would choose Bora Bora in the Seychelles (we’re seeing if we can persuade one of our clients to switch their next event from Cardiff to the Indian Ocean…we’re eternal optimists here, so you never know).

We’re thrilled to welcome Zoe to the team and we very much look forward to what promises to be another exciting year ahead.