Top 5 Event Trends for 2017

Grapevine likes to keep up with the latest trends in the events World and have put together our top 5 predicted industry trends for 2017. 

1. Live Streaming
With event tech constantly updating, we expect to see a huge rise in the use of live streaming at events. With social media platforms pushing Facebook Live and apps such as Periscope having their own streaming features it is easy for anyone to go live! And why shouldn’t they, it gives another dimension to an event and people who couldn’t attend can get involved too. Nobody misses out!

2. Unique Venues
There is a real drive for event organisers to suggest unusual or unique venues to their clients for their events. More companies are starting to think outside the box and moving away from traditional conference centres and hotels so that their delegates get an experience they won’t forget.

3. Data Analysis
In 2017, a big trend that we’ll see continue to impact the industry is the importance of, and reliance on, data. Event registration tools are continuing to be updated with new features and in a market where it is all about attendance, knowing your customer and communicating with them from the very start when they buy their ticket is important. Analysing this data can help build better events but also to provide better customer experiences.

4. Experiential Marketing
There is no getting away from mobile technology. So, when everyone at your event is going to have a phone it is sometimes hard to get them to look up. Why not let your followers create your content for you? If you integrate photo opportunities or interactive games or twitter Q&A’s it means you get free marketing and it will be from your attendees, and their opinion matters so prepare for more touch-see-taste-and-feel experiences. 

5. Safety/Security
Due to the terrible attacks on cities across the world last year, venues and event managers are having to up their measures to ensure clients that everything has been done to ensure the safety of their guests, be it their personal safety or the safety of their data. Therefore, more people are going to have to pre-register for events and sign in once they arrive to ensure that they are accounted for if anything was to happen. 


It will be interesting to see if any of these come to light and if not what the trends will be.